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  • june 26th: I've got a new essay up on Movie Forums about the increased demand for narrative momentum in film and television: "Arcs sont Triomphe."
  • march 16th: My latest interview with Ron Morris on the rising costs of education is now available; it's the "Full Episode" file embedded at the bottom, and it starts around the one hour mark.
  • january 13th: My interview with Ron Morris yesterday is now available online; it's the "Full Episode" file embedded at the bottom, and it starts just past the 1:02:00 mark.
  • january 10th: My appearance on Cornerstone TeleVision's Focus 4 is now available online. The segment starts at around 9:20 and is about Christian involvement in the electoral process.
  • december 8th: My latest appearance on The American Entrepreneur is available online.
  • november 7th: My interview with Michael Geer will air on His Place tomorrow night at 9:30 PM on Cornerstone Television. UPDATE: and now it's streaming on hisplace.tv. The first segment (on Senate Bill 1/school choice) starts at 4:45. The second (on Senate Bill 732/abortion clinic standards) starts at 21:10.
  • november 3rd: I'll soon be reworking the Writing page so that it stays more up-to-date, but in the meantime: I've started posting semi-regular essays on Movie Forums. There are two so far: "Christopher Nolan's Useful Lies" and "In Defense of Boredom." Check them out, if you're so inclined.
  • october 10th: My interview with Ron Morris is available on TAERadio.com; segments three and four. Don't let the titles fool you: we actually discussed the nature of creativity.
  • october 4th: My interview with Congressman Tim Murphy will air on His Place tonight at 9:30 PM, and is available on hisplace.tv. The first segment starts at the 4:37 mark.
  • september 27th: I'll be on His Place again interviewing Congressman Tim Murphy this evening. It will air next Tuesday.
  • september 22nd: A hitch in the normal bi-monthly schedule means I'll be on Ron' Morris' show on WMNY Radio today just after 4:00 PM ET. As always, live streaming is available.
  • august 19th: I'll be on Ron Morris' radio show, The American Entrepreneur, on WMNY Radio today at 3:20 PM ET to talk about presidential politics, and probably a few other things. Live streaming is available on their site.
  • march 14th: I'll be on Cornerstone TeleVision's His Place on Tuesday, March 15th at 9:30 PM ET to talk about potential 2012 Republican nominees for President.

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